Client Work

I worked with ARtGlass to animate several scenes for an Augmented Reality tour of the historic site of James Monroe, Highland, in Charlottesville, Virginia (After Effects- 2017).

Animation illustrating QOS for TalkingTree Creative (After Effects- 2018).

A holiday ID for Labor Day created at MGFX (Photoshop + Illustrator + After Effects + Cinema 4D- 2017).

A broadcast open created at MGFX for the theme of Remembering 9/11 (After Effects + Cinema 4D- 2017).

A series of animations as part of a collaborative student project. We created a video reel to play in the waiting room of The Daily Planet health center in Richmond, VA (Photoshop + Illustrator + After Effects- 2017).

A collaborative student project illustrating a trip to New York City for Armory Week 2016, using footage and photos of exhibitions, shows and studios (as well as high quality images/videos from the artists' websites). The scenes I worked on were: the opening train sequence, Pulse Art Fair, Dream House, Electric Objects, and Spring Break Art Show (Photoshop + Illustrator + Premiere+ After Effects- 2016).

Personal Work

An animation about the power of books, based on the poem by Czesław Miłosz (After Effects + Traditional Animation- 2017).

Animation based on "The Leash" by Ada Limón (After Effects + Traditional Animation- 2017).

A digital cutout animation about a magical bird that steals people’s voices (Photoshop + After Effects- 2015).

Short animation about a knight (Photoshop + After Effects- 2018).

A stop motion animation about the issue of food waste in grocery stores (Stop motion animation + Photoshop + After Effects + Premiere- 2015).